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Trade-in Service (3 Options)

What is "Trade-In" ?

A Trade-In is selling your video games, gaming accessories, or hardware for store credit or cash at

Best Trade-in Values on the Planet!™

Option 1) Instant Credit (Most Convenient)

Use your trade-in credit even before you send in your trade-in. No Waiting!

eStarland offers instant credit on your trade ins with no waiting! Simply add items you want to trade in to your cart and apply this credit from your items towards purchasing another item instantly.

While eStarland will process and ship your order with no waiting, your credit card will be pre-authorized for the amount you applied towards purchase until we receive your trade-in and complete your order.

This is an unique trade-in process only at eStarland for your convenience since 2004.

Option 2) Standard Credit (Most Value)

This is a conventional trade-in process. You can send in your trade-ins first to receive a credit (standard credit) . The advantage with Standard Credit is that eStarland will help your shipping costs based on USPS First Class / Media Mail / Parcel / Priority Mail Rate plus $1.00-$2.00 for your packaging expense (Maximum amount of reimbursement cannot exceed 10% of the total trade-in value). To find out how much you will receive for shipping, click here.

To be eligible for shipping reimbursement, your trade-in has to be completed prior to applying towards any order.

Option 3) Get Cash / Sell Your Games

Sell your games, accessories and consoles and request a payment

We offer 4 convenient options for you to choose from.

  • In-store Payment: Receive a cash payment up to $400.00 per day from store in Chantilly, VA. A picture ID is required.
  • Check Payment by Mail
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Paypal Payment

As an account holder of eStarland, your outstanding credit balance can be converted to cash value of 70%. For example if your account balance is $100.00, it's cash value is $70.00. The minimum amount you can ask for payment is $20.00 ($29.00 in credit). A Check payment is mailed via USPS First Class Mail (Default Option) and you may ask for differnt option at your expense.

If you want to receive your payment to your Paypal account or Amazon e-gift card, please contact us as soon as possible after placing your payment request order. Paypal option may incur an additional fee charged by Paypal.

Processing of payment request usually takes 1-3 business days to be completed but varies by number of requests per week and it may take longer when there are higher demand.

4 Easy Ways to Redeem your Trade-in Credit!
Redemption Options Redemption Value Processing Time
Redeem for Purchases 100% Instant
Amazon Gift Cards 70% 1-3 Business Days
Check by Mail 70% 1-3 Business Days + Delivery Time
Paypal Payment 70% 1-3 Business Days

Trade-in Process

How does the Trade-In process work?

To trade in items to eStarland, follow these 3 easy steps:

  • 1: Find your product
  • 2: Enjoy our real-time price quote and add to cart
  • 3: Checkout

*Depending on the shipping class and availability of the items your order, you may need to send your trade-in first to meet the due date.

How do I find the products I wish to trade in?

Enter the product title or UPC number into our site search. Titles should be typed in exactly as they appear on the packaging. The UPC # can be located at the bottom of the games. You must enter ENTIRE UPC NUMBER , including the numbers to the far left and far right of the bar code. No dashes.

What if I cannot find items I want to trade in?

eStarland offers great value on over 30,000 products (Largest on the Planet!) and additional products are added daily. If you cannot find a product you want to trade in, You may send us a request to add products not found to webmaster. You can find contact information here.

I found an item, but I cannot find a trade-in option.

If "Trade In" option is not available, that means we are currently not accepting trade-ins for that item. If we are overstocked on certain products, we may not accept trade-ins until inventory level returns back to normal level

Can I send in multiple copies of the same game?

We can only accept up to 2 copies of the same game per customer for trade-ins. If you would like to trade-in more than 2 of the same game, please contact us before placing an order.

How soon do I need to send my stuff in?

Trade-ins must be shipped (postmarked) by the due date specified on your order.

The Due Date is the last day for you to ship your trade-ins.

How do I send my stuff in?

If you trade in an item and instantly apply that credit towards a purchase at eStarland, then we will first ship you your new order. Upon receiving your new order you may reuse our box to send in your items. Be sure to print out your receipt and include it with your trade-in. You will have 2 weeks for instant credit orders, and 1 week for standard trade ins starting from the day you placed the order to ship the items you are selling to eStarland. If you wish to receive standard credit, we ask that you find an appropriate, mail safe box to send your items in. If you wish to send in your trade-in first, we will compensate your shipping cost, based on the USPS First Class / Media Mail / Parcel / Priority Mail Rate plus $1.00-$2.00 for your packaging expense (Maximum amount of reimbursement cannot exceed 10% of the total trade-in value). For more information on how to prepare a package and ship, please read more information from the following page.

How to prepare & send your Trade-ins and Repairs

Please ship out your trade-ins by the most economical method available.

Where do I send my Trade-ins?

You can ship your trade-ins to:
Attn: Trade-ins
14225 Sullyfield Cir. Suite C
Chantilly, VA 20151

Attention International Customers in Canada and Mexico:

We currently accept NTSC games from Canada and Mexico for trade-in. When shipping international trade-ins, we ask that you use your local postal service to mail your trade-ins. If you use UPS, FEDEX or any other private carrier, there will be additional charges for shipping internationally. Any additional brokerage free or duties that we may incur from UPS, FEDEX or any other private carrier will be subtracted from the credit you receive. There are no additional international fees when using local postal services.


If you sell items to eStarland, there are certain things that you must do in order to assure an efficient transaction.

If you are selling back a game, please include all original packaging, manuals, and maps as you stated during the trade-in process (All included material must be in good condition). Also, please give us an accurate report of the condition of the disc or cartridge.

If you are selling back a game system, please include all of the manuals, accessories, and pack-in games. For full guidelines regarding system trade-ins, please refer to the Pre-Owned Hardware heading in this section.

In order to assure quality, eStarland will not accept games under the following conditions:

  • Defective hardware, accessories, and games. Disc based games with significant scratches or cracks.
  • Certain disc format games require their original box. If a box is required, it will be listed on the products trade-in page.
  • Items with missing, water damaged, or altered labels. This includes items that have been written on or that have been repackaged or relabeled (i.e. rental items).
  • Cartridge games with missing, or incorrect labels.

Unaccepted Trade-Ins

Trade-ins will not be accepted if they are damaged, missing accessories, or if the wrong item was specified. If for any reason your trade-ins are not accepted, they may be returned to you upon request at your expense within 2 weeks of store receiving.

Unaccepted trade-ins with a value less than $5.00 or damaged trade-ins where the item is deemed of no worth, bootleg copies, non-repairable or unsalvageable will be discarded. If you elect to have your rejected trade-ins handled differently than the aforementioned process, contact us prior to sending your trade-ins.

Return Shipping Charges for Unaccepted Trade-Ins

Return Shipping Charges for Unaccepted trade-ins:

First game or small item: $4.00 - $6.00
Each additional game: $1.00
Handheld System: $6.00 - $10.00
System or heavy item: $10.00 - $18.00

The above rates are only a guideline to what return shipping costs may be. In circumstances where the trade-in being returned does not meet the above guidelines or exceeds the posted shipping charges, the actual shipping cost will be charged.


What happens if I don't specify the correct condition of the items that I'm sending in?

At eStarland, we take trade-ins and used merchandise very seriously. All merchandise must be in the condition reported to us at the time you place your order. All trade-in merchandise must be postmarked by its due date following the date of your order. If we receive a trade-in item that is not in the condition specified by you at the time of the exchange, we will do one of two things. We will either reassess the item’s value or we will not accept the item.

What happens if I don't send the Trade-ins on time?

If a trade-in has not been postmarked within two weeks (14 days) of the date of order or a week for trade-in only order , we may reassess the value based on its current value. The item’s value may change based on many different factors. If there is a drop in value, your trade-in credit will be adjusted.

What happens if I've already used the Instant Credit I received for an item that had to be reassessed?

If the item's value has been reevaluated your trade-in credit will be updated to reflect the change in value. If the value is determined to be lower then the original amount and you have already spent your instant credit, the credit card used to certify your trade-in will be charged the difference. If the item is reevaluated and determined to be higher then the original amount your account will receive the additional credit.

Quantity Deductions

Should an item be close to our maximum stock amount, additional quantity deductions may adjust the trade-in credit received. The adjusted credit for the trade-in will be shown on the shopping cart page.

EZ Ship Service

eStarland's EZ Ship Service is a FREE Shipping service that allows you to receive and print an insured, traceable UPS shipping label to mail out qualified trade-in orders. All you have to do is package your trade-ins and drop them off at a local UPS Authorized shipping location or hand them to an UPS Driver.

For more information on the EZ Ship Service, please see this page.


Our trade-in system is designed for use by individual customers, any trade-in order with intention of making profit by, but not limited to, price reductions and close-outs are violations of the fair use of our system. In such incidents, we reserve the right to cancel your order. Subsequent abuse of the trade-in service will result in limitations on your account.