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Nintendo Switch Video Games & Consoles

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Take home the hottest Switch titles everybody’s talking about! The Blue Bomber returns! Take on the roll of Mega Man and stop Dr. Wily in Mega Man 11; a return to the challenging 2D platforming fans know and love with new Robot Masters, new abilities, and more! Then, grab your friends and get ready to face off in Super Mario Party, the latest in the Mario Party series with a lineup of 80 minigames.

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What is the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch! Nintendo’s most versatile console yet is made to fit your lifestyle, regardless of where life takes you. The Switch offers a built in touch-screen, detachable right and left-side Joy-Cons featuring HD Rumble, a docking station showcasing Nintendo Switch’s signature feature, allowing the user to switch between portable and TV modes, and the list goes on.

With the Switch’s portability and long battery life anyone can explore the ruins of Hyrule in the park, or jump their way across the Mushroom Kingdom during lunch, or even splat some squid kids on the bus!