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Get your video game consoles, smartphones and tablets repaired at We are proud to offer you guaranteed repair services at a MUCH LOWER price compared to others. The only thing cheap about our price IS our price.

SmartPhone and Tablet Repairs

Check our Wholesale Repair Prices and see how much you can save! All smartphone and tablet repairs come with a 180 day parts & labor warranty against defects in parts and workmanship.

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Video Game System and Hardware Repair

eStarland provides even more game console repairs than listed on this page. Please ask for a free estimate on any repair service you may need. All gaming hardware repairs come with a 90 day parts & labor warranty against defects in parts and workmanship.






Parts to repair your best friends!

Video Game Parts for Sale

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  • 2DS Cartridge Socket, LCD Screen Assembly
  • 3DO Panasonic Laser Pickup
  • 3DS/3DS XL Analog Controller, Bottom and Top LCD Replacement
  • 3DS/3DS XL L + R Shoulder Button, Charging Port
  • Dreamcast Power Supply, Controller Port
  • PS Vita D-Pad, Analog Stick
  • Nintendo DS Replacement LCD Screen
  • PS2 Slim Laser Pickup Model PVR-802W, SPU-3170
  • PS3, PS4 Laser Pickup, Power Supply
  • PS4, PS4 Slim, XB1 HDMI Port Socket
  • Sega Saturn Laser Pickup
  • Sega CD / JVC X'Eye, Sega CDX Laser Pickup
  • Wii, Wii U Laser Pickup
  • Xbox, Xbox 360 & Xbox One Laser Pickup
Wholesale Repair Prices!

Wholesale Repair Prices!

Fast Turnaround!

Fast Turnaround!

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