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Get your video game consoles, smartphones and tablets repaired at We are proud to offer you guaranteed repair services at a MUCH LOWER price compared to others. The only thing cheap about our price IS our price.

SmartPhone and Tablet Repairs

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Check our Wholesale Repair Prices and see how much you can save! All smartphone and tablet repairs come with a 180 day parts & labor warranty against defects in parts and workmanship.



Video Game System and Hardware Repair

eStarland provides even more game console repairs than listed on this page. Please ask for a free estimate on any repair service you may need. All gaming hardware repairs come with a 90 day parts & labor warranty against defects in parts and workmanship.





Parts to repair your best friends!

Video Game Parts for Sale

[Parts - Tools - and More!]

  • 2DS Cartridge Socket, LCD Screen Assembly
  • 3DO Panasonic Laser Pickup
  • 3DS/3DS XL Analog Controller, Bottom and Top LCD Replacement
  • 3DS/3DS XL L + R Shoulder Button, Charging Port
  • Dreamcast Power Supply, Controller Port
  • PS Vita D-Pad, Analog Stick
  • Nintendo DS Replacement LCD Screen
  • PS2 Slim Laser Pickup Model PVR-802W, SPU-3170
  • PS3, PS4 Laser Pickup, Power Supply
  • PS4, PS4 Slim, XB1 HDMI Port Socket
  • Sega Saturn Laser Pickup
  • Sega CD / JVC X'Eye, Sega CDX Laser Pickup
  • Wii, Wii U Laser Pickup
  • Xbox, Xbox 360 & Xbox One Laser Pickup
Wholesale Repair Prices!

Wholesale Repair Prices!

Fast Turnaround!

Fast Turnaround!

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