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Prepare & Ship your Trade-ins and Repairs

Preparing your Package

Box or Envelope?
Type Pros and Cons Application
  • Provides excellent protection.
  • Costs more to ship due to its weight.
  • Flexible in sizes.

Gaming consoles, Disc format games (e.g, PlayStation, Sega CD, Dreamcast), Complete condition of cartridge format games (e.g. N64, Jaguar, SNES, NES...)

  • Generally costs less than box.
  • Great for where protection is less important (e.g. durable or higher crush resistance items)

Cartridge format games (e.g. N64 games), Cables, Controllers, Books, Memory Cards


Place the cushioning all around your item or items. You can use newspaper, “foam peanuts,” or shredded paper.

Layering (Partitioning)
  • Place heavier items on the bottom.
  • Use cardboard or corrugated board on top of items to create layers if you have to stack items.

Tape the opening of your box and reinforce all seams. Do not use cord, string, twine, masking, or cellophane tape. Place a strip of clear packaging tape over your label to prevent the address from smearing.

Mailing Heavy Items

If you are mailing a very heavy or very dense item, use a sturdy box with the contents cushioned securely with a strong material for bracing to prevent shifting, and tape all the edges with reinforced tape.

Sending your Package

Choosing a Carrier and Shipping Method
Carrier Shipping Method Pros and Cons
US Postal Service First Class Mail Best for small package up to 13oz. Not recommended for using regular envelope to send small cartridge games. Most economical option for small trade-in orders.
Priority Mail Envelope Free envelope is available at post offices. Free pickup available. Starts from $6.95. $50.00 Insurance Included.
Priority Mail Free supplies at post office. Free pickup available. $50.00 Insurance Included. Better Contents Protection than Priority Mail Envelope.
Express Mail Fast but the most expensive (Not recommended). $50.00 Insurance Included.
Media Mail Lowest rate for artbooks and game guides. Cannot use for games and hardware.
UPS, Fedex Ground Service $100.00 Insurance Included. Best for larger packages. eStarland offers free shipping service to qualifying orders - see EZShip service. Click here
Delivery Address

Print or type clearly the delivery address parallel to the longest side of the package. On the same side, print or type your address in the upper left corner. Replace #Order number# with your actual order number.

Send your packages (Trade-in) to: #Order number#
Attn: Trade-ins
14225 Sullyfield Cir. Suite C
Chantilly, VA 20151

Send your packages (Repairs) to: #Order number#
Attn.: Repairs
14225 Sullyfield Cir. Suite C
Chantilly, VA 20151

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