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Legacy of the Nintendo Virtual Boy!

The Nintendo Virtual Boy was released in 1995 in both the US and Japan. Moving away from the tradition of creating the illusion of three dimensions based on perception on a two-dimensional screen, the Virtual Boy used a 32-bit RISC Chip, separate LED displays, oscillating mirrors and lenses which when picked with both eyes produces a 3-D effect.

The Nintendo Virtual Boy is best remembered for the use of Red LED lights used because it was the less expensive LED and the lowest drain on batteries.

Only 14 games where released for the Virtual Boy in the United States. The Japanese versions of Space Invaders, Virtual Lab, SD Gundam, and Virtual Bowling last minute releases and never got into wide production and are considered rare. After abandoning support for the Virtual Boy, some Japanese games were brought for localization and sold at a discounted price; these games include: V-Tetris, Virtual Fishing, T&E Golf, and Virtual Professional Baseball ’95.