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Sony PlayStation, one of the best selling video game consoles of all time!

Debuting in 1995 the PlayStation quickly became one of the best selling video game consoles of all time and boasted possibly the most famous libraries of video game hits ever! Most notably the PlayStation played host to many of the fifth generation of video game consoles’ most popular mascot games and a vast collection of classic JRPGs. 

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The Sony PlayStation: Wherever, Whenever, Forever.

What is the Sony PlayStation?

The Sony PlayStation was the unknown newcomer in the 90’s Console Wars, but quickly made a name for itself when it became the main competition for the Nintendo 64, dethroning Sega and their Sega Saturn console in the process. While many may nowadays see Sony as Nintendo’s rival when it comes to video games, there was a time where Sony and Nintendo were working side by side!

The origins of Sony’s PlayStation began as early as 1988; Nintendo had the idea of creating an add-on to the Super Nintendo that would allow people to play CD-based games. During this time they approached Sony with their CD add-on idea, and a partnership was formed, with Sony giving the add-on the tentative title of the “Super Disc” or “Play Station.” Unfortunately in 1991, Nintendo cancelled development on the Super Disc and ended their partnership due to the contract allowing Sony to have full licensing and control over any Super Disc-based games. Nintendo would instead form a business alliance with Philips, which resulted in the creation of the now-infamous Philips CD-i game system.

Despite the fallout, Sony focused on using what they had to create their own game system; one that would be able to play games with 3D polygonal graphics and would use CD-ROMs as its game format. Due to the focus on creating 3D-based video games (with the technology still relatively new at the time), and since CD-ROMs were easier to mass-produce than game cartridges, third-party developers like Namco, Konami, and Electronic Arts were eager to work with Sony. The PlayStation would be released in Japan on December 3, 1994, and would sell more than 300,000 units within its first month. It would be brought over to America on September 9, 1995, where it would sell almost 2 million units a year later.

10 PlayStation Platformers That Aren't Crash Bandicoot (-)

While the PlayStation was not the first console to feature 3D platforming games, it was certainly the one that got the most mainstream attention. If jumping, collecting items, and smashing enemies is your idea of fun, the PlayStation is home to many of these kinds of games. Of course, there’s Crash Bandicoot and his wacky platforming antics, but these ten additional platformers showcase how fun and creative these games can be.

# 1

Spyro the Dragon

Embark on a quest to save the Dragon Kingdom from Gnasty Gnorc and free your imprisoned dragon friends in this open world 3D platformer that began the legacy of Crash’s rival.

Buy or Trade In PS1 Spyro the Dragon

# 2

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Explore Dracula’s castle as his son Alucard and slay enemies with gameplay that combines Castlevania’s traditional combat with RPG elements.

Buy or Trade In PS1 Castlevania Symphony of the Night

# 3

Ape Escape

Travel throughout time and prevent Specter and his army of apes from ruling the world. Capturing all the apes isn’t easy as it looks, so rely on stealth and your variety of gadgets!

Buy or Trade In PS1 Ape Escape

# 4

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile

A cinematic, beautifully creative platformer in which the titular Klonoa must save his homeworld, the dream-powered Phantomile, from turning into a (literal) nightmare.

Buy or Trade In PS1 Klonoa Door to Phantomile

# 5


Jump on, bite and throw as many of the evil Koma Pigs as you can to recover your grandfather’s bracelet. Fair warning: this crazy, colorful platformer comes with a bit of a price tag.

Buy or Trade In PS1 Tomba

# 6

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

Save your 99 Mudokon buddies from getting turned into processed food using only communication and enemy possession. Oddworld’s steep difficulty and darkly humorous atmosphere make it stand out.

Buy or Trade In PS1 Oddworld Abes Oddysee

# 7

Jumping Flash!

Notable for being one of the earliest 3D platformers on the PS1, you play as Robbit, a robotic rabbit on a quest to find jet pods and save the world.

Buy or Trade In PS1 Jumping Flash

# 8


Don’t let the colorful graphics, adorable creatures, and whimsical music fool you: this game’s difficulty curve is NOTORIOUS! Are you skilled enough to rescue all the Electoons and defeat Mr. Dark?

Buy or Trade In PS1 Rayman

# 9

Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

A charming 3D platformer / collect-a-thon where the only way to defeat Baron Dante and get the game’s true ending is to save all the Gobbos in every level.

Buy or Trade In PS1 Croc

# 10

Toy Story 2

Yes, this licensed platformer / collect-a-thon is actually a great game! Traverse through creatively-designed locations from the hit movie on your mission to rescue Woody.

Buy or Trade In PS1 Toy Story 2

10 PlayStation Games that are Too Weird for Words (+)

Whether you’re cooking curry with an excavator, baking a cake with a rapping chicken, or fighting off against the result of a nightmarish mashup of H.R. Geiger, Michaelangelo, and that weird part of Japan, these 10 PlayStation games are just as weird to talk about as they are to play.

10 PlayStation Games to Avoid at All Costs (+)

Although the PlayStation had plenty of iconic games, it also had titles that plagued the console during its lifespan. Between horrible licensed games, games that had ambitions but sadly fell short, and one infamously abysmal mascot platformer, don’t give any of these ten PlayStation games your time!

10 PlayStation Games for Playing with Friends (+)

The PlayStation had plenty of games that you could play solo, but of course it had a great selection of games that you could play with your pals! Whether you’re working together or trying to knock the other one out, these PlayStation games still hold up for go-to multiplayer action.

10 PlayStation Survival Horror Games that aren’t Resident Evil (+)

While Resident Evil is the most well-known survival horror series on PlayStation, there were plenty of other titles that either tried to cash in on Resident Evil’s success to varying results, or put their own spin on what a survival horror video game should be. These ten PlayStation survival horror games are sure to make you scared to play them with the lights off.

10 PlayStation Games Only Available in Japan (+)

While there were 1,300 PlayStation games released in America, some games only stayed in the Land of the Rising Sun. If you’re looking to expand your PlayStation’s Japanese library, these import-only games are ones that should be part of your collection!