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Gun X Sword: Wendy Garret (Standing) 1/8 Scale PVC Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 08/02/2006


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Gun X Sword: Wendy Garret (Standing) 1/8 Scale PVC Figure



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Gun X Sword: Wendy Garret PVC Figure - Standing Version

Meet Wendy Garret, a new character from the forthcoming anime release of Geneon Entertainment's GunxSword. Carrying her long-lost brother's engraved gun upon her back, Wendy wanders the desert with fellow traveller Van, who is on his own search for the mysterious clawed man who killed his bride. Captured here, in meticulous detail by sculptor Reiji Azusa, Wendy covers Van's back as they run afoul of bandits and villains in their travels. Reiji Azusa's talent comes alive in this 1/8 PVC statue, capturing every crease and fold in Wendy's skirt in wonderous detail.

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