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Burst Angel Sei (Standing) 1/8 PVC Statue  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 08/03/2006


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Burst Angel Sei (Standing) 1/8 PVC Statue

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Burst Angel (Bakuretsu Tenshi) Sei 1/8 PVC Statue Standing Version
Considering Sei of the anime series, Bakuretsu Tenshi (Burst Angel) is a direct descendent from a noble and powerful ancient bloodline and is first in line to inherit her families vast political empire, she prefers to be in the line of fire and get her hands dirty to help further her family’s goals.

All great teams need a great leader and Sei is just that. Leading a group of trigger-happy and sexy mercenary operatives, she has to be strong and powerful while still looking sexy. Sei is represented perfectly in her signature revealing top and coat by new sensation figure manufacturer Alter. You can tell that this girl isn’t shy to show her assets.

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