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Gun x Sword: Van 1/8 Scale PVC Figure  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 01/05/2007


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Gun x Sword: Van 1/8 Scale PVC Figure



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Gun x Sword: Van 1/8 Scale PVC Figure

Say hello to Van of the hit anime series, Gun X Sword. Also known as Steel Van, Van of the Dawn, etc. He has many names and many enemies. However, that doesn’t matter to Van. All he cares about is tracking the “Man with the Claw” and seek revenge for murdering his bride. Equipped with a shape shifting sword and the strongest Arms on the planet named Dann of Thursday, he will do anything to find his bride’s killer.

Van is very carefree and always looks like he is moping. The only time you will ever a reaction from Van is when he is in the mist of battle or eating food covered in his favorite dressing. Famed toy designer/manufacturers, Max Factory has depicted the “man in black” poised to strike down his enemy. The first release of the “Spirit of Guys” Figure Collection, Van is featured in his infamous black trench coat and hat. His lanky body is crafted in a manner very unique to any other figure out. Van’s body and coat is swaying in a flowing arc propped on a themed base featuring the infamous “X”. Do not get in Van’s way when he has his sword out, or you may not be able to escape without a scratch!

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