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Gun X Sword: Carmen 99 1/8 Scale PVC Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 10/25/2006


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Gun X Sword: Carmen 99 1/8 Scale PVC Figure



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Gun X Sword: Carmen 99 PVC Figure
Every adventure series needs a sultry vixen that kicks butt. That vixen is Carol Mendoza, also known as the notorious Carmen99 of the hit anime series, Gun X Sword. Whenever Wendy and Van is following up on a lead to find the “man with the claw”, Carmen99 is always there, which results in Van and Wendy getting shot at. Don’t let Carmen99 looks fool you. Behind her stunning eyes, beautiful smile, and voluptuous figure, Carmen99 has a different agenda and will do anything to get what she wants! By the way, the “99” at the end of Carmen’s name stands for her chest size in centimeters.

When you thought, Carmen99 couldn’t look any better, famed toy designer/manufacturer; Max Factory has produced a figure worthy of her name. Carmen99 is featured stunningly in her signature skin tight outfit. She is donning a very low-rise pants with black knee high boots and a dual pistol holster. Carmen99 is wearing a rose red top, revealing her shoulders, and a mini black vest that best compliments her “99s”. She may look like a heartbreaker, but you just can’t help but fall in love with her.

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