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XBox Plantronics GameCom Halo 2 Edition Headset  (XBox)

Release Date: 10/29/2004

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XBox Plantronics GameCom Halo 2 Edition Headset
  • Publisher: Plantronics
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: XBox

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The complete condition of pre-owned XBox Plantronics GameCom Halo 2 Edition Headset includes Manual, Box

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A battle is no time for a "communications malfunction," when losing contact with the rest of the squad could mean complete annihilation. Fortunately, Halo 2 gamers who play on Xbox Live can focus on strategy, not equipment, thanks to the GameCom Halo 2 Edition headset from Plantronics. Plantronics, the world leader in lightweight communications headsets, engineered the GameCom Halo 2 Edition specifically for Xbox and the highly anticipated sequel to Halo, the best-selling game from Bungie Studios. With the headset's superior voice features, online gamers can take full advantage of Halo 2's stunning new multiplayer challenges and also gain a competitive edge in demolishing the opposition.

Plantronics, which has designed mission-critical headsets for NASA, the US Military, the FAA and other professionals for decades, is releasing the new Halo 2 branded headset that enhances the Xbox Live experience with crystal clear voice communication and superior sound.