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Halo 3 Master Chief ARTFX Statue  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 01/16/2008


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Halo 3 Master Chief ARTFX Statue



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Halo 3 Master Chief ARTFX Statue

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! The Covenant control Earth. The Flood is unleashed. With the fate of the galaxy hanging in the balance, only Master Chief stands ready turn the tide as the Human-Covenant war comes to is shattering climax in Halo 3!

Clad in MJOLNIR Mark VI combat armor, the genetically engineered SPARTAN II super soldiers are the elite fighting force for the United Nations Space Command. Developed by the Kotobukiya staff in conjunction with Bungie, this fabulously detailed ARTFX Statue perfectly replicates every detail of the armored battle suit as seen in the smash-hit game. As a special bonus, this pvc figure includes multiple bonus parts for a variety of posing options. You can choose to display him armed with deadly Energy Sword, or with dual Magnum handguns.

One of the highest quality Japanese collectibles ever produced from the Halo universe, the Master Chief ARTFX Statue measures a whopping foot tall (including the base, which even has the armor of a fallen Brute)!

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