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Halo 3 Steel Spartan ARTFX Statue  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 01/16/2008


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Halo 3 Steel Spartan ARTFX Statue



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Halo 3 Steel Spartan ARTFX Statue

The long awaited Halo 3 did not disappoint Xbox players worldwide, and the phenomenon continues to gain new fans, smashing records while doing so! Join the Spartans of the United Nations Space Command in its fight with the Covenant, by collecting this exclusive ArtFX statue!

With a black and grey high-gloss color scheme, the Steel Spartan charges into battle clad in his Mjolnir Mark VI combat armor. Developed by the Kotobukiya staff in conjunction with Bungie, this fabulously detailed ArtFX statue perfectly replicates every detail of the armored battle suit as seen in the game. As a special bonus, this 12-inch tall PVC figure includes multiple bonus parts for a variety of posing options. You can choose to display him armed with deadly Covenant Energy Sword, or with dual Magnum handguns. A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!

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