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Halo Play Arts Kai Gold Spartan Action Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 08/01/2012


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Halo Play Arts Kai Gold Spartan Action Figure



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Price: $47.95

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Halo Play Arts Kai Gold Spartan Action Figure

A decade ago, Bungie Software and Microsoft teamed up to bring gamers the next generation of first-person shooters - Halo: Combat Evolved for the nascent Xbox system. Humanity's super soldier, Master Chief, battled the genocidal alien Covenant on a remarkable artifact in the depths of space, and a video game legend was born.

Square Enix brings the popular character Master Chief to life as part of their new Halo Play Arts ~Kai~ action figure line. These 9" tall figures features game-accurate detail with a sculpt take directly from the game's CGI files, and the SPARTAN armor comes to life in three different colors - Red, Blue, and the PREVIEWS Exclusive Gold. No fan of Halo will want to miss out! Window box packaging. Imported from Japan!

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