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Alan Wake Official Survival Guide  (Xbox 360)

Release Date: 05/18/2010


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Alan Wake Official Survival Guide
Xbox 360



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Alan Wake: Official Survival Guide by Prima

Alan Wake, acclaimed thriller writer, takes a vacation to idyllic Bright Falls, Washington to escape the pressures of city life and overcome his writer's block. Wake's troubles soon become much more urgent than looming deadlines, and his time away quickly descends into all-out terror.

To overcome the darkness that shrouds Bright Falls, one must seek out the light. It is hoped that Alan Wake: The Official Survival Guide bears the torch you need.

"Survival in a Hostile Climate" will acquaint you with key locations in and around Bright Falls, WA. You'll also learn the basics of survival in the woods, including finding supplies and staying healthy, the best vehicles for quick maneuvering, the foes you'll encounter, and how to effectively wield weapons and light sources to beat back the encroaching darkness.

The history, biographical information, and psychological profiles presented in "Psychological Evaluations" tell you everything you need to know about the people visiting and living in the Bright Falls area. A little insight into the characters you meet could prove invaluable as you struggle to uncover the secrets hidden in the woods.

"Episodic Evidence" represents the most comprehensive field notes yet found regarding the whereabouts, tasks, violent encounters, dangers, and general well-being of author Alan Wake. Presented in a novelistic, narrative style, these complete and detailed walkthroughs will guide you through Alan Wake's Episodes. Plus, they're packed with information about collectibles, people of interest, combat strategies, and relevant asides.

To ensure you haven't missed any vital collectibles or Achievements, refer to "Appendices." Each Achievement is presented with tips for how to obtain them. Also included are checklists for all the collectibles, from Easter eggs to Songs, complete with locations for each.

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