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Xbox First Person Shooter Master Controller by Gamester  (XBox)


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Xbox First Person Shooter Master Controller by Gamester
  • Publisher: Gamester
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: XBox



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Designed specifically for Next-Gen First Person Shooter games, the FPS gives you unparalleled control. Featuring symmetrical left and right analog sticks, rubber grips, easily programmable buttons, and ergonomic shape, the FPS gives gamers what they want most: more control and comfort.

A snippet of a review for the PS2 version of the controller written by Eric Bratcher in the April 2004 issue of PSM:

"At first glance, this controller looks slightly comical and possibly disastrous--The funny thing is that after a brief adjustment period, we grew to like the little monster--It's got a nice, hefty rumble, and there are even three preset control configurations that you can program to your liking, inverting the sticks (yay!) or changing button assignments. Sometimes, customized controllers don't work well at all, but in this case, it does--This contraction makes first-persion shooters even more fun than they already are. Final Score:8"