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PlayStation ASCII Grip Controller  (PlayStation)

Release Date: 09/09/1995


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PlayStation ASCII Grip Controller
  • Publisher: ASCII
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: PlayStation


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PlayStation ASCII Grip Controller

One-handed controller, ideal for role-playing, simulation, sport, and strategy games.

  • 3 custom button configurations
  • Ergonomic design for gamers
  • Programmable buttons memorise combinations
  • Compatible with other games machines and PCs using adapters
  • engineered to be used both by both right and left-handed gamers

Instruction Manual
FUNCTION # 1 Button Configuration:
The ASCII Grip button configuration can be arranged to the following three choices. After you have changed the arrangement, it stays that way even after turning the PlayStation off. The configuration only changes if you manually reconfigure it.

Arrangement 1 - Standard Arrangement
This is the arrangement when the product was purchased. To select this arrangement from arrangements 2 or 3, hold the SELECT and START button down, simultaneously, while turning on the PlayStation.

Arrangement 2
Press the SELECT button while turning on the PlayStation.

Arrangement 3
Hold the START button down while turning on the PlayStation. This arrangement allows you to use the programmable buttons.

FUNCTION # 2 Programmable Buttons
The programmable buttons can only be used in arrangement 3. The back buttons, which are the O and X buttons (in the standard arrangement), become programmable button 1 and programmable button 2. The programmable buttons can memorize all the buttons you were pressing while you turned on the PlayStation.

To erase the settings of the programmable buttons, press only the programmable buttons you want to erase while turning on the PlayStation.

NOTES: The programmable buttons cannot memorize the directional pad or other programmable button.

Even when the button arrangement is changed, the settings for programmable button 1 and programmable button 2 are maintained when arrangement 3 is resumed.

When programmable button 1 and programmable button 2 are both pressed while turning on the PlayStation, programmable button 1 always takes precedence.

When you set the programmable button while in arrangement 1 or 2, it automatically switches to arrangement 3.

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