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Wii Ultra Glow Sports Set  (Nintendo Wii)

Release Date: 10/03/2007


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Wii Ultra Glow Sports Set
Nintendo Wii
  • Publisher: Phantiq
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: Nintendo Wii

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Wii Ultra Glow Sports Set (Nintendo Wii) Bring the ballpark experience into your home with the baseball bat attachment. Your homerun's and grand slams become a realty as your bat glows while you attempt professional swings. Your 9-hole and 18-hole golf game experience will become a more realistic as you swing with the ultraGLOW motion. Now you can score hol-on-one's in glowing style. Ace your opponent! The convenient attachment design allows tennis fans to practice professional backhands and forehands with a realistic racket motion.

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