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New Super Mario Bros Wii Official Guide  (Nintendo Wii)

Release Date: 11/15/2009


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New Super Mario Bros Wii Official Guide
Nintendo Wii



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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Official Game Guide by Prima

Mario has his work cut out for him in his latest adventure. With nine worlds full of treacherous levels it's no wonder that Prima's Official New Super Mario Bros. Wii Game Guide is the best friend a plumber can have. You'll find maps for every level made specifically and EXCLUSIVELY for this guide. Every hidden area is shown so you won't miss a one. Star Coins are back and if you want to complete the game you'll have to find every single one of them. Luckily Prima has each one marked on the maps as well as instructions on how to grab all of them. You won't be able to even access the final world's levels or buy the in-game Hint Movies without the Star Coins. So make sure Prima is there to help you out. Mario has a whole host of new moves and a gang of friends to play with! Prima's guide details every trick in the plumber's book. From old moves like Ground-Pound to the new Propeller Mushroom Power-Up! Plus you'll find a section on multiplayer to get the most out of playing with friends. Up to four players at once!

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