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Ikaruga  (GameCube)

Release Date: 01/13/2003

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Ikaruga (GameCube)

Ikaruga is the ultimate gamer's game. Anyone who misses the days when games were actually fun and challenging owes it to themselves to give this game a try. Ikaruga is one of the few titles that is completely carried by its incredibly original and involving gameplay (although the graphics and sound aren't too shabby either). Ikaruga is certainly made for the "hardcore" gamer, but its gameplay is so elegant that anyone can pick it up and enjoy it.

Although it looks like an old school shooter, Ikaruga actually throws most shooter conventions out the window. The game has no power ups, no extra weapons or ship upgrades. Instead the core gameplay revolves around its innovative light and dark modes. Everything in the game including your ship, all enemies and attacks are assigned either light or dark property. With a press of a button your ship can switch between light and dark mode and absorb enemy attacks of the same color while dealing extra damage to enemies of the opposite color. The trick is to switch between modes on the fly while dodging bullets of the opposite color. It sounds simple enough but in practice it's a real mind bender. Ikaruga is the kind of game that demands 100% attention, the kind of game that makes you work. In short it is a deeply rewarding game for anyone who's not afraid of a challenge.