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Yu Yu Hakusho Yoko Kurama ArtFX J Statue  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 01/08/2014


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Yu Yu Hakusho Yoko Kurama ArtFX J Statue

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Yu Yu Hakusho Yoko Kurama ArtFX J Statue (Anime Merchandise)

Kurama is a demon thief who, after being fatally wounded, fuses his soul with the unborn child of Shiori Minamino, effectively taking over. He is born as Shuichi Minamino a human with red hair and green eyes, though he retains his demon powers at a much lower level.

Yu Yu Hakusho Yoko Kurama ArtFX J Statue

He meets Yusuke Urameshi in the first season as a part of a trio of demons who steal three dangerous artifacts from Spirit World. However, he uses the "Forlorn Hope" (known as the "Ankoku-Ky?" in the Japanese version), a mirror capable of granting the user's desire at the cost of the user's life, to cure his mother of a deadly illness. Yusuke saves Kurama's life by offering up his own life to the mirror, and thereby canceling the sacrifice out of his kindness (though in the English manga and Japanese versions they both sacrifice half of their own lifeforce to fulfill the wish without either of them dying). This act bonds Yusuke and Kurama as friends and allies.

Yu Yu Hakusho Yoko Kurama ArtFX J Statue

Kotobukiya continues to expand its line of ARTFXJ statues based on the popular anime series Yuyu Hakusho with Yoko Kurama Kurama is presented in his fox spirit form complete with his fox tail trailing behind him and fox ears peeking through his hair Kurama's hair and clothes flow dynamically around him, displaying all the fine details like the folds and creases of his clothing Kurama also includes an interchangeable arm, allowing for display in different poses. Display alone or complete the them with other YUYU HAKUSHO themed ARTFXJ statues from Kotobukiya.

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