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Trinity Blood: Abel Nightroad PVC Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 12/05/2007


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Trinity Blood: Abel Nightroad PVC Figure



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Trinity Blood: Abel Nightroad PVC Figure

The character Abel Nightroad is based on the Trinity Blood novels written by the late Sunao Yoshida, which were later adapted into a manga and anime series. "Abel" is a Catholic priest who seems to be nothing more than a clumsy, absent-minded fool on the surface. Actually, he is a "Crusnik" – a vampire of extreme, extra-ordinary power – and is an ancient being, hundreds of years old. He is a vampire that feeds on the blood of other vampires, and in his human form, fights with a gun that shoots silver bullets. As a "Crusnik", he can transform into various forms based on the amount of nanomachines in his body that he activates. In his higher forms he wields a huge scythe, which he materializes from his own blood. "Abel" is a 8"-9" tall PVC figure fully painted and comes in a window box. Imported from Japan!

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