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Sword Art Online II Sinon Ani-Statue Phantom Bullet Version  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 02/20/2015

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Sword Art Online II Sinon Ani-Statue Phantom Bullet Version

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Sword Art Online Ii Sinon Ani-Statue Phantom Bullet Version (Anime Merchandise)

The next beautiful Ani*Statue from Kotobukiya comes from Sword Art Online II, the latest chapter of the Japanese light novel series by Reki Kawahara with illustrations by Abec that's been adapted into manga, anime, and video games. Following after Asuna and the fairy ladies comes the elite sniper from the "Phantom Bullet" story arc, SINON!

SAO 2 Sinon Ani-Statue phantom bullet

Fleeing the real world and her memories of gun violence, Shino Asada becomes one of the top players in the Gun Gale Online game where she helps Kirito stop the threat of Death Gun. You can see her avatar's focus and determination in this fantastic presentation with the shooter captured in mid-fall, leaping behind some rubble for cover. While still deadly, Sinon looks beautiful in her unique green sniper jacket and revealing pants, and the long white scarf that floats in the air adds another dimension of movement. The girl's intense blue eyes are always on target beneath her matching hair, and of course in her hands is her trademark PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II sniper rifle ready for action!

SAO 2 Sinon Ani-Statue phantom bullet2

Sculpted by Mitsuru Hoya, Sinon is nearly 9 inches tall floating above her rubble display base. You'll definitely feel safer with this elite markswoman standing watch over you from your Sword Art Online display!

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