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Sengoku Rance Isoroku Yamamoto Ani-Statue  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 12/09/2009


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Sengoku Rance Isoroku Yamamoto Ani-Statue

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Sengoku Rance Isoroku Yamamoto Ani-Statue

Sengoku Rance is the seventh release in the long running series (almost 20 years!) containing historical action and 'eroge' content. The ongoing line of Ani*Statues brings the beautiful girls of the series to life in stunning detail as only Koto can.

One of the greatest archers in Japan, Isoroku Yamamoto is also the last remaining princess of the fallen Yamamoto House, which she will stop a nothing to resurrect. The warrior beauty is absolutely stunning as she prepares not one but two arrows to fire from her enormous bow. Her flowing clothing features ancient Japanese stylings, while still revealing plenty of cleavage.

Isoroku's face is all business, her wide orange eyes scanning for targets. Her intricately sculpted hair swirls behind her in long tendrils, dark purple against the bright colors of her clothing. Isoroku stands approximately 9 inches tall (1/8-scale like the rest of the Sengoku Rance girls), and was sculpted by master artist Taketo Ogasawara.

Imported from Japan!

Sengoku Rance Isoroku Yamamoto Ani-Statue

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