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Odin Sphere: Velvet 1/8 Scale PVC Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 05/12/2010


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Odin Sphere: Velvet 1/8 Scale PVC Figure

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Odin Sphere Mercedes 1/8th Scale PVC Figure

With its compelling characters and story, the ethereal beauty of Odin Sphere is brought to three dimensional life for Yamato's Story! Image! Figure! EX PVC statue collection. Presented here, the second in a series, is Velvet -- princess of a fallen kingdom, feared as a forest witch, haunted by a curse and death. Wielding her Psypher chain, Velvet stands nobly, strong yet somehow fragile as she struggles to challenge her fate. Magnificently brought to life through the transcendent talent of BUBBA (Dice Caramel), this pre-painted figure of Velvet stands at an impressive 10” with psyphers made of clear parts to express their translucent splendor and featuring metal chains and marble-like display base for added sophistication.

Imported from Japan!

Odin Sphere: Velvet 1/8 Scale PVC Figure

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