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Raystorm R-Gray 1 Model Kit  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 02/08/2012


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Raystorm R-Gray 1 Model Kit



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Raystorm R-Gray 1 Model Kit

Taito Corporation's RayStorm is a classic scrolling shooter that first appeared in Japanese arcades in 1996. Fifteen years later, the 'storm' has achieved massive popularity around the world with multiple releases and rereleases. For the first time ever, Kotobukiya is presenting the main player unit in a new model kit, the R-GRAY 1!

Raystorm R-Gray 1 Model Kit

A futuristic starfighter with distinctive massive engines and weapons, the R-Gray is one of the coolest sci-fi designs ever to appear in video games. Sculpted by Hiroshi Iseya, this new kit captures the power and grace of the RayStorm fighter with an incredibly intricate sculpt that shows off every detail of the ship's mechanical texture. The R-Gray 1 is even molded in colored plastic so you don't have to paint it, although customizers will love fine tuning the ship to their specific desires.

Comprised of 150 pieces, the R-Gray 1 is over 6 inches tall on a specially designed base so you can display your ship flying onward to defend the galaxy!

Imported from Japan!

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