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Mecha Action Series: Fire Dagwon Action Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 08/08/2007


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Mecha Action Series: Fire Dagwon Action Figure

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Mecha Action Series: Fire Dragon Action Figure

The character Fire Dagwon is from the Japanese anime series, The Brave Command Dagwon, created by Sunrise under the direction of Akira Oguro and Tetsuya Yanagisawa. This was the seventh Yuusha or "Brave" meta-series funded by Takara and produced by Sunrise. Earth is the target of the former Sargasso prisoners who took over the prison asteroid and attack our planet. To counter this, Brave Seijin chose seven (initially, only five; Geki and Rai joined later on) youngsters from Earth to receive the DagBraces and turn into Dagwon, the alien equivalent to "Brave". The figure is 6" tall with multiple articulation points and comes equipped with accessories such as his sword. Imported from Japan!

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