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One-Shot Bug Killer DG-001 LN USA-Gear Model Kit  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 02/17/2016

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One-Shot Bug Killer DG-001 LN USA-Gear Model Kit

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Hoi Hoi-San Legacy DG-001LN Usa-gear Model Kit (Anime Merchandise)

One-Shot Bug Killer!!, the popular Japanese manga depicting a world of tiny insect-exterminating female robots, is back with another adorable yet deadly Interceptor Doll, the DG-001LN USA-GEAR! Standing just under 5 1/2 inches tall in true to life 1:1 scale, the tiny robot wears a mechanized version of a white dress with pink accents that extends into full-length arms and gloves, plus matching tall boots with treaded soles. As with most of the Interceptor Dolls, the Usa-Gear has pretty long hair (lavender in her case with two huge pigtails) held in place by a high tech headband with bunny ear-like antennae.

Hoihoi-San Legacy DG-001LN Usa-gear Model Kit

The robot's huge multicolored eyes and cute smile belie her role as a bug killer... though not her deadly equipment including a gatling-style cannon and trademark "Neck Eater" weapons! Usa-Gear is comprised of 150 pre-colored pieces that require no glue for easy assembly, and once completed she has multiple points of articulation that give her excellent poseability. Display her alone or alongside other Hoi Hoi San plastic model kits and figures from Kotobukiya!

Hoihoi-San Legacy DG-001LN Usa-gear Model Kit

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