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Nier Automata: Bring Arts Kaine Action Figure  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 10/17/2018

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Nier Automata: Bring Arts Kaine Action Figure



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Nier Automata: Bring Arts Kaine Action Figure (Video Game Merchandise)

A world on the brink of ruin... NIER depicts the daily battles of its eponymous protagonist in this world, and now, Kainй, his dual weapon-wielding female warrior companion, makes her appearance to the Bring Arts action figure line! Her bewitching costume's revealing design, the bandages that covers half of her body and the "Shade-possessed" skin peeking from underneath it, her dignified expression... These details and more are all recreated in this figure! You can enjoy her presence just as it was in the game through details in the paint application: her silver hair, with paint applied onto clear material to give it a translucent feel; the careful application of color that brings out the textures of each different part of her costume. An abundance of accessories are included, such as her twin blades and an Emil head that can also be used with the NieR: Automata Bring Arts 2B (sold separately). Display stand included.

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