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Nier Automata Bring Arts 9S Action Figure  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 07/31/2019

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Nier Automata Bring Arts 9S Action Figure



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Nier Automata Bring Arts 9S Action Figure (Video Game Merchandise)

From the popular game NieR: Automata that depicts the fierce battle between android and mechanical weapons set in the distant future, Yorha No. 9 S type (common name: 9S) appears for the first time as a Bring Arts figure. 9S includes his characteristic hacking effect which is molded in clear plastic and the accessory parts include an additional lower body for the self-destruct mode, a black box, a movable pod companion, a black pledge and black clan, and attachable 2B arm. In addition to normal goggles, his face parts come with a blue eye version without goggles and a red-eye (Logic Virus) sculpt, so you can put 9S in a variety of cinematic poses straight out of the game. Display stand included.

Nier Automata Bring Arts 9S action figure additional accessories

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