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Mai-Hime: Tokiha PVC Figure  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 08/02/2006


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Mai-Hime: Tokiha PVC Figure
  • Publisher: Good Smile Company
  • Genre: Models/Statues
  • Platform: Merchandise

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Life isn’t easy, especially at the prestigious Fuka Gakuen Unified School. From fighting mysterious monsters called "Orphans" to fighting other HiMEs (Highly Advanced Materializing Equipments), Mai Tokiha’s of the anime series, Mai HiME (My Hime) has it the roughest of all. On top of that she has homework to do! However, she isn’t going to let it get her down. With the help of her friends and her “Child”, Kagutsuchi, she faces all challenges and school work with ease.

Mai’s infamous red hair and lavender eyes is beautifully represented in this 1/10 Scale statue from Good Smile Company. Mai is wearing the standard girl’s Fuka Gakuen uniform. She is posed as if she is enjoying a nice stroll on campus. Her signature voluptuous figure is sure to make any person’s head turn.

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