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Mon-Sieur Bome Collection Vol. 18: Gunbuster Noriko Takaya Statue  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 09/05/2007


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Mon-Sieur Bome Collection Vol. 18: Gunbuster Noriko Takaya Statue



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Mon-Sieur Bome Collection Volume 18: Gunbuster Noriko Takaya PVC Statue

Mech handlers in big-robot-animation-series’ generally fit into two basic molds. The first mold is that of an ace pilot with innate skills who takes to maneuvering a robot like a duck takes to water. The second mold follows a more humble path where the hero has potential but must work hard to get to the lofty levels of the aforementioned prodigies. In the GunBuster anime series, Noriko Takaya fits squarely in the second mold. Unsure of herself at the outset of the animation, Noriko eventually grits her teeth, finds her impressive abilities within, and pushes them forward to help the cause. To celebrate all that is Noriko, Kaiyodo presents the eighteenth Monsieur Bomй Collection release, dedicated to the GunBuster pilot!

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