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Magical Pokan: Yuma 1/7 Scale PVC Figure  (Merchandise)

Release Date: 12/13/2006


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Magical Pokan: Yuma 1/7 Scale PVC Figure

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Magical Pokan: Yuma: Uma is Witch 1/7 Scale PVC Figure

In the tradition of fan service driven anime comedies featuring very cute loli-like girls comes Magical Pokan (as known as Magipoka in Japan). A story about four very naпve and senseless magical creatures that lives together in a tree house. Each “creature” is very unique, starting with Pachira the Vampire, Liru the Werewolf, Aiko the Android, and Yuma the Witch. These four mischievous girls of the supernatural gets into trouble on their adventures that include very voluptuous mad scientists, panty less rescue attempts, and mail boxes... Yes, I said mail boxes.

From toy manufacturer/designer Max Factory comes Yuma, the witch. Yuma is featured soaring into the sky on her magical wand. In her signature red and blue with gold trim witch outfit, Yuma is perched on a bright yellow crescent moon. With a small wave and a very cute smile, this figure will make any fan pass out from the cuteness.

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