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Gunbuster: Deluxe Action Figure  (Merchandise)


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Gunbuster: Deluxe Action Figure

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Gunbuster is the story of Noriko Takaya, a young girl who is trying to walk in the footsteps of her famous father, Admiral Yuzo Takaya. It chronicles Noriko's trials and tribulations as she struggles to become a pilot of the massive Gunbuster robot. With the help of Coach Ota and her friends Kazumi and Jung, Noriko conquers her fears and learns one of the most important lessons in life. Believing in one's self. This 6" tall figure is highly articulated - featuring a unique joint system - and was sculpted for Kaiyodo by Katsuhiso Yamoguchi (the creative mastermind behind the innovative Evangelion and GaoGaiGar figures). The figure also includes varriant arms, accessories, explosion effects, and a display base that allows you to display the figure in mid-air.

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