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Armored Core 4 Aaliyah Supplice D-Style Model Kit  (Merchandise) Imported

Release Date: 03/07/2012


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Armored Core 4 Aaliyah Supplice D-Style Model Kit



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Armored Core 4 Aaliyah Supplice D-Style Model Kit

'D-Style' is Kotobukiya's plastic model kit series featuring various mecha rearranged into stylized miniature versions. Collect your favorite robots in a high quality compact scale with great quality and an unbeatable price.

The second robot from Armored Core to receive the SD-Style treatment is the ultra popular AALIYAH SUPPLICE! The mini mecha comes in pre-painted gunmetal gray 'night battle mode version' and recreates the original robot's unique silhouette. The Aaliyah is easy to assemble with snap fit parts that don't require any glue, and its components and weapons are swappable with those of the previous SD-Style White Glint!

Armored Core 4 Aaliyah Supplice SD-Style Model Kit

The tough but tiny Core is equipped with plenty of heavy weaponry so you can arm your robot as you wish. Standing only 3 1/2 inches tall, the SD-Style robot is comprised of approximately 80 pieces.

Imported from Japan!

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