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Recycle Your Game Systems at eStarland.

Broken, Beat-up, or Non-Working Consoles? eStarland Will Take Them In!

*eStarland is now buying damaged, defective, or dysfunctional game systems. We accept a huge variety of non-working consoles from old and new generations!

Cash and credit may be offered for systems in the following conditions:

  • Cosmetic damages including discoloration, scuffs, scratches, and body or button damages.
  • Units that fail to produce sound, display video, charge up, power on, take inputs, and other non-functional issues.

System not repairable or unable to be traded in for full value? Don't worry! Get credit or cash today!

*eStarland reserves the right to reassess the value on severely damaged units. Please refer to our trade-in help page for additional information.