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Wireless Net Extender by Nyko  (Multi-Platform)


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Wireless Net Extender by Nyko
  • Publisher: Nyko
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: Multi-Platform



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Price: $89.95

MSRP: $129.95


The online gaming revolution is here with the Wireless Net Extender. Connect your PlayStation2, Xbox or PC to the Internet without wires for real-time online game play without complicated cables or software installation. You don’t even have to change your settings. Two small, sleek cubes connect your existing DSL or cable modem to your game console without running wires through your house, upstairs/downstairs, or through walls, even if the Internet connection is 100 feet away from your PlayStation2 or Xbox. Your connection will be secure and without interference thanks to RF technology. The Wireless Net Extender is also compatible with all routers, which have built-in Ethernet ports. Enjoy lag-free, online gaming, whether you’re playing your friend next door or across the globe.

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