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Xbox Super Pro Stick by MAS  (XBox)


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Xbox Super Pro Stick by MAS
  • Publisher: MAS Systems
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: XBox



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Price: $109.95


IMPORTANT NOTE: When ordering, please specify colors in the "My message to eStarland" section at check out.

  • 10 Button version, choose from:
    Blue Gray White Face (Default), or All Black Face
  • Choose from 7 Different Button Colors:
    White, Black, Red, Green, Yellow (Default), Blue, and Purple (Not Shown)
  • Choose from 5 Joystick colors:
    Black (Default), Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue
  • Side Panels come in 5 Colors:
    Black (Default), Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue
If no color is specified, the default colors (Pictured above) will be given. Please refer to the picture below for color samples.

The Xbox Super Pro Stick can be used on a Gamecube when equipped with the appropriate Add On Module; Add On Modules can be found on the "Recommended" section on the right side of this page.
Please note that a Xbox Super Pro Stick is a PS2 Super Pro Stick with an Xbox Module.


Experience the real Arcade Feel at home:

The Mas System Arcade stick is made of a high quality sturdy fiberboard base like an arcade machines stick.

The Super Stick Pro also has the newer "baseball bat" shape stick opposed to the Ball on Stick, which also removes the clicking sound that most joysticks have.

The buttons on the MAS System joypad are actually controlled by micro-switches, not foam pads like in regular joypad, giving the Super Pro Pad unbeatable response times and a true arcade feel.

Special Note for the XBOX version : The XBOX version consists of the Super Pro.Stick for PS1 & 2 and the Special PS2-to-XBOX Convertor. This Adapter is designed to be Used Only with the Super Pro.Stick. Any other usage with a standard Sony Pad or another 3rd Party Controller will cause Permanent Damage to that device. It has Two Memory Card Slots (same as the Original Microsoft XBOX Control Pad) and is XBOX LIVE Compatible!

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