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Xbox Gamelink Lightwave 100x Fiber Optic Cable by Monster Cable  (XBox)


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Xbox Gamelink Lightwave 100x Fiber Optic Cable by Monster Cable
  • Publisher: Monster Cable
  • Genre: Accessory
  • Platform: XBox



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Digital Audio Hookup of XBOX to AV Receivers with Preferred High Performance Fiber Optic Connections

The Most Future-Generation Gaming Console Requires a Fiber Optic Audio Connection for the Best Possible Sound.
Your XBOX is the most future-generation gaming console available, even surpassing the impressive PS2 in sheer performance. With state-of-the-art audio quality and a Dolby Interactive Content Decoder, XBOX lets you experience the superior quality of Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound even during game action. Add a fiber optic digital audio connection, and you have access to the best in home audio entertainment. Digital is the preferred high performance audio connection over analog because it has a wider dynamic range, which results in clearer highs and deeper, tighter bass, without the distortion common with analog connections. In addition, problems like the hum and buzz caused by electromagnetic and radio frequency interference are eliminated.

Monster's Advanced Technology Fiber Optic Cables Ensure the Best Digital Audio performance from Your XBOX
The Monster LightWave 100 X features a specially tuned fiber and precision polished termination that maximize signal transfer while reducing internal reflections that cause jitter and time distortion. This ensures that your XBOX's Dolby Digital decoder receives the most precise data transfer for the most accurate surround sound possible.

Maximize Your Gaming, Movie and Music Investment
If you're like most gamers, you'll spend hundreds of dollars on games, movies, and CDs. Why not play them with the best sound possible? Experience XBOX in digital audio with Monster's LightWave™ 100 X.

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