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Forza Motorsport Free Demo Includes Xbox Arcade  (XBox)

Release Date: 04/20/2005


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Forza Motorsport Free Demo Includes Xbox Arcade
  • Publisher: Microsoft
  • Genre: Driving, Family
  • Platform: XBox
  • Rating: Everyone



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Forza Motorsport:

  • Experience Driving Realism: Car performance changes with each body modification or damage taken during the race.
  • Take Online racing to the Next Level: Intense wheel-to-wheel multiplayer racing with up to eight simultaneous gamers
  • Make Every Car Yours: Collect more than 200 models from over 60 top manufacturers
  • Tune it Up: Upgrade and tune your car from the real spoiler to the turbocharger
Also includes Xbox Live Arcade!

Xbox Live Arcade makes online gaming simple and fun! Let your thumbs relive their glory days with arcade classics; download today’s puzzle favorites; or challenge your friends to an online card or board game.
Before you can download and play an Xbox Live Arcade game, you must connect your Xbox console to a high-speed or broadband Internet connection and sign up for the Xbox Live service. Demo versions of each game may be downloaded for free. Prices for full versions vary by game, and the cost will be charged conveniently to your Xbox Live Account.

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