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Legendary Axe II  (Turbo Grafx 16)

Release Date: 12/05/1990


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Legendary Axe II
Turbo Grafx 16


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Legendary Axe II (Turbo Grafx 16 Games)

If you've ever had fantasies about being a bronzed barbarian warrior like Conan, travelling the lands to defeat your foes with a swift blow from your enormous weapon, then here's your chance to make them come true. Ankoku Densetsu is a platform hack and slash game, much in the vein of Rastan. You travel through various dark and gloomy settings, chopping the heads of green maggot-spitting zombies, skeleton warriors and other denizens of the evil realms that no self respecting barbarian could ignore. There are several types of weapons to collect - the sword is standard, the axe is quite powerful but short range, and the long chain weapon is less powerful but very useful at taking out the baddies at a distance. With the relevant power capsules, each weapon can be powered up several levels to inflict more damage. You also get a pretty little fairy star that you throw out in front of you to viciously incinerate all who dare oppose your will. While there is plenty of hacking action, there is also a platform element, with you having to navigate your way up a waterfall on falling blocks, and find your way out of an area with skull platforms that drop out from beneath your feet.

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