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Gate of Thunder Super CD-ROM2  (Turbo Grafx 16) Imported

Release Date: 02/21/1992

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Gate of Thunder Super CD-ROM2
Turbo Grafx 16



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Compatible with

  • US Turbo Duo
  • US Turbo Grafx CD w/System Card 3.0
  • PC Engine DUO
  • PC Engine CD w/System Card 3.0


Gate of Thunder Super CD-ROM2 (PC Engine)

Hudson's answer to Thunder Force III, Gate of Thunder is an ambitious shoot 'em up that pushes the hardware to its limit. You control the police craft 'Hunting Dog' and have a selection of weapons at your disposal, each of which can be powered up. There is the standard forward firing lightning laser, a wide but less powerful shot and a 3-way bomb weapon that deals the most damage. Also available to you (thanks to the ever helpful Esty who flies by and drops things off from time to time) is a shield and gun pods that follow you above and below, and can switch direction with a quick double tap on the fire button. Aside from the normal enemies coming at you, there are also other obstacles to dodge, such as shafts of shooting lava, shifting backgrounds and huge missiles launching into your path.