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Crest of Wolf Super CD-ROM2  (Turbo Grafx 16) Imported

Release Date: 02/21/1992

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Crest of Wolf Super CD-ROM2
Turbo Grafx 16



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The complete condition of pre-owned Crest of Wolf Super CD-ROM2 includes Case, Manual

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Compatible with

  • US Turbo Duo
  • US Turbo Grafx CD w/System Card 3.0
  • PC Engine DUO
  • PC Engine CD w/System Card 3.0


Crest of Wolf Super CD-ROM2 (PC Engine)

One of the few scrolling beat 'em ups on the PC Engine, Crest of Wolf will be very familiar to fans of Final Fight. The standard rescue-the-girl plot line is here, giving you a choice of two characters - Hawk and Tony. The moves are fairly typical for a game of this genre, with normal punches, grab-and-throw when you get close, and a life sapping special attack for those times when you are feeling a little overwhelmed by the bad guys. Each level has many sub-sections and ends in a boss fight.