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Chew-Man-Fu  (Turbo Grafx 16)

Release Date: 12/05/1990

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Turbo Grafx 16



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The complete condition of pre-owned Chew-Man-Fu includes Case, Manual, Box

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Chew-Man-Fu (TurboGrafx-16)

Be Ball is an action/puzzle game in which you have to roll coloured globes around the play area and deposit them on their relevant coloured squares. Once all balls are in place it's on to the next level. Easy, right? Well, maybe not, as there is all manner of wildlife out to put paid to your spherical antics, from hedgehogs to monkeys and penguins. Luckily, the balls themselves do have a use - give them a swift kick and they'll get rid of any creature barring your way. And if you are persistent, you can even whack down walls. Also, be on the lookout for various items scattered around that aid you in your task, like time-stops, smart bombs etc.

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