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After Burner II PC Engine  (Turbo Grafx 16) Imported

Release Date: 09/28/1990

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After Burner II PC Engine
Turbo Grafx 16



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The complete condition of pre-owned After Burner II PC Engine includes Case, Manual

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After Burner II requires a HuCard Converter to be played on a US TurboGrafx-16 or TurboDuo.


After Burner II (TurboGrafx-16 / PC Engine)

One of Sega's big arcade hits using their 'super scaler' technology, it was a bold move to try and convert this to any home machine. After Burner II is, quite simply, one of the most mindless shooters that you're ever likely to play: simply fly your F-14 into the screen, dodging missiles like crazy and letting all hell loose with your vulcan cannon. There is precious little strategy - even less than Space Harrier, and often luck plays more of a part than skill. The action is split up by the occasional bonus stage - a run through a canyon blowing up anything that dares to exist in front of you. Fuelling planes and landing strips also make a regular appearance.