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Donkey Kong Country Player's Guide  (Super Nintendo)

Release Date: 11/25/1994


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Donkey Kong Country Player's Guide
Super Nintendo



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Donkey Kong Country Nintendo Player's Guide by Nintendo Power

Oops, oh well, so you've already lost the bananas. Slippery devils. The Player's Guide will help you get them back. You're up against King K. Rool and his Kremling gang, and you're going to need help. The Player's Guide has everything you need to help you enlist friends for the adventures ahead. There's Enguarde - the Swordfish who lunges and parries faster than the Three Musketeers. Rambi who can rambo through anything. Winky the frog who can stop enemies in a blink. And Expresso who's handy for fast exits and hard-to-reach items. To know them is to survive. Without the Nintendo Player's Guide, it's a jungle out there.