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Dragon Force 2  (SEGA Saturn) Imported

Release Date: 04/29/1998


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Dragon Force 2
SEGA Saturn
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Genre: RPG
  • Platform: SEGA Saturn
  • Rating: Everyone



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Dragon Force 2 (Sega Saturn Games - Japan Version)

A strategy/RPG unlike any other out there, the first Dragon Force game was an instant success with fans. Almost identical to its predecessor, Dragon Force 2 continues in the addictive tradition of the first game, only on a slightly smaller scale. Five hundred years after Wein and friends defeated the evil that plagued the divided continent of Legendra, evil predictably prepares to reveal its blackened head once more. The land is becoming overrun with mysterious dark knights once again, alerting the game's eight new protagonists to the coming storm. Just as before, you select one of Legendra's eight rulers and gather support from the other seven to quash the evil upswelling. Like its predecessor, Dragon Force is a "dramatic simulation," combining a strong, multifaceted RPG story with wartime strategy. You begin the game with a handful of leaders, each with his own personal army and a few strongholds. Divide and conquer is the name of the game, as you send out custom-built armies to fight the minions of darkness and "convince" the other kingdoms to join the cause, usually with sheer military force. Each individual leader can command up to 100 troops, making for some truly impressive battles. The most significant addition to Dragon Force 2 is the ability to have two different unit types under one leader's command, opening up a variety of new combination attack strategies that weren't present in the first game. For the uninitiated, you can give a number of orders to the teams and leaders. Each unit has four basic instructions: advance, retreat, melee, and wait. Other units, such as archers, have specific commands that allow them to better express their particular strategic advantage. In addition to more commands, Dragon Force 2 has seven more unit types than the first game, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Like before, the leaders themselves will remain motionless until a duel is called for or they are instructed to magically lash out against the ensuing horde. Dragon Force 2 boasts more spells than its predecessor, expanding each leader's limit from three to five. Like the first game, spells can be offensive and defensive, attacking or protecting the armies or the leaders themselves. Between battles, you will be called to HQ to promote your leaders, upgrade your fortresses, and convince prisoners of war to join your cause. These scenes are where a majority of the story development takes place, nicely illustrated with anime stills and movies. Dragon Force 2 is an enormous game, likely to offer over 60 hours of gameplay per campaign to experienced players. With eight separate campaigns, you are also given a lot in the way of replayability.

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