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Black/Matrix  (SEGA Saturn) Imported

Release Date: 08/27/1998

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SEGA Saturn
  • Genre: RPG, Strategy
  • Platform: SEGA Saturn



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Black/Matrix (Sega Saturn)

The cosmic battle between angels and demons ended in the demons' victory. They took control of the world and reversed the ideology of the angels to suit their own demonic nature. The most positive and beautiful emotions belonged to the seven mortal sins. Angels were deprived of their rights and had to exist as slaves, obeying their demon masters in everything. You play an angel named Abel. In the beginning, you choose your master from several available characters. Your master, however, is soon accused of love - one of the seven greatest sins. You have to escape from prison, where you were thrown shortly after your master was banned, and to find a way to save your master.

"Black/Matrix" is a strategy RPG that is divided into large battles and story sequences. You fight in turn-based mode by moving your party members on an isometric battle field, attacking and using magic, for which you require blood of defeated enemies. The experience points you gather after the battle can then be divided among your party members the way you like.