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Space Griffon: BlueSteel Variable Formula  (SEGA Dreamcast) Imported Trade Bonus

Release Date: 11/03/1999


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Space Griffon: BlueSteel Variable Formula
SEGA Dreamcast
  • Publisher: Panther
  • Genre: Action & Adv
  • Platform: SEGA Dreamcast



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The complete condition of pre-owned Space Griffon: BlueSteel Variable Formula includes Manual, Box

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Space Griffon: BlueSteel Variable Formula (Sega Dreamcast)

Space Griffon: BlueSteel Variable Formula for Sega Dreamcast is a mech-piloting First Person Shooting rpg-like survival horror game. You are a rookie mech pilot (think veritech from robotech/macross). Your squad consists of the sarcastic jokester, the female stoic teammate who is aloof and mysterious, and the aged and wise squad leader. Your squad is called up to determine why a research facility located on the face of Luna (that's our moon) has gone off the grid. No communications. No power, just a whole bunch of lifesigns. Your mech squad arrives and immediately splits up, searching the station for clues.The game runs similarly to mech assault or Chromehounds, but with an understandably simplified interface as it was a PS1 title. FPS and RPG elements are mixed in an interesting way. You are inside a giant mech that can transform into a shape fit for walking, driving, and a mixture of both. Movement feels stiff, and much more like it's vehicle based than on the fly FPS control. Your mech can evade with slides left or right, and looking allowed up and down. Combat is straight forward: survive and heal off item drops and weapon upgrades as opposed to a real experience based level system.

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