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Silver  (SEGA Dreamcast)

Release Date: 06/30/2000

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SEGA Dreamcast



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Silver (Sega Dreamcast)

The once-peaceful world of Jarrah stands in turmoil, its ruler an evil beast named Silver. Jarrah is sectioned into a circle of eight islands, with a land called the Haven at the center this is where Silver and his demonic children, Fuge and Glass, make their homes. Far from the Haven in a small village (one of the last respites from evil in the entire world) lives a man named David and his wife, Jennifer. David's grandfather knew that his grandson would be a great warrior one day, and taught him codes of valor and lessons of combat in hopes of preparing David for the inevitable. Now, it is up to you to guide the unlikely hero through 3D worlds of chaos and terror in an attempt to save his wife and family from Silver and his demon spawn. Collect eight magic orbs from the farthest reaches of the globe, each of which contains a special power; the orbs will serve as powerful weapons and are the only way to defeat Silver. There are staggeringly difficult puzzles and mysteries to unravel, and the keys are often hidden in the unlikeliest places. For 1 Player.